Afternoon Tea at Birks Cafe’

If you are ever planning to come to Montreal, a must stop is the Henry Birks’ Café.

It is situated in the city center, more precisely in Rue Sainte Catherine right in front of The Bay, the most popular shopping mall in this city.

You can go there wether to have brunch, lunch or afternoon tea.

Unfortunately during the weekends it closes at 5 pm, so you won’t be able to respect the English traditional tea time.

We went there on Saturday after lunch and we fell in love with this place!

First of all, Henry Birks is a jewelry, so when you enter, before going to the mezzanine floor where the café is, you’ll walk through dreamy engagement rings and diamonds of every color.

The place, the atmosphere and the jewels immediately made ​​us think of Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Now, come down to earth and go to the mezzanine, where a nice and kind staff will welcome you and get you a table.

During the afternoon tea hours (2.30 pm onwards) you can choose among more than 10 varieties of tea, macarons and chocolates.

Moreover, they offer the possibility to get a taste of everything with a 26.50 $ menu which comprehends many delicacies as you can see in the picture…

No need to say that we opted for this solution!

We had a really good time at Birks Cafe’!

So….If you are in Montreal and it’s cold outside, Birks Cafe’ is a great alternative to warm up and stay together with friends in front of so many delights!

Enjoy your English tea!

A. G. V.


Let’s go clubbing in Montreal !

It’s time to give you some advices about going out in Montreal!

In Montreal there are several amazing bars, clubs, lounges and pubs amongst which you can choose. Montreal nightlife is one of the best in the world. The most popular djs always set at least one date of their tour here.
So, when you are in town just check the schedule of some of the majors clubs to find out when Bob Sinclair, Swedish House Mafia, Erick Morillo, Steve Angello e co are stepping by.

In Montreal there are many very well located clubs.
At the rooftop of a skyscraper in the citycentre  you can find Altitude 737, at the 41st floor. It’s better to go there during the warmer months of the year so that you can profit of the amazing terrace from where you can admire a wonderful panorama of the city and all its lights. The entrance is free but you have to get dressed following a specific dresscode since there is a quite strict selection at the entrance. Then get in the elevator and, if you are a girl, enjoy your first free drink!! Sorry boys 🙂

Then, in another fantastic location there is Terrasse Bonsecours. I love this place! It’s situated in a sort of little island in the old port area. You need to cross a wooden bridge to get to the entrance. The spectacular lights and colors make a great picture in front of you when you arrive.
Really one of the best clubs in Montreal!

Another more European club is Buonanotte, in Saint Laurent. This place is owned by italians and it’s also a nice spot to have a good dinner with friends.
Here is where we had our first “Spritz” overseas.
As a starter we had Parma ham and as a main course pizza. As truly italians we really enjoyed our meal!

Last but not least, a very nice and particular club is Velvet Club, again in the old port neighborhood. The club is on two floors and it gives you the feeling of being in two different places at the same time. The ground floor is very chic and elegant, but then, when you go downstairs, it’s like walking in the basement of a castle. The roof is very low, the dj plays right on the floor near the bar and she is a woman: she is great!

Other places we enjoyed are: MuziqueCommission des Liqueurs (both in Saint Laurent) and La Mouche in Saint Denis. Just try them!

Remember: Always bring your ID and be at the club around 10,30/11 pm to avoid long queues. We’re in America!

A. G.V.

Homemade Brunch

As you probably already noticed we like good food. That’s why on Sunday morning we decided to have a typical brunch.

Since we woke up at 11 am we thought it was the optimal choice, being this time between BReakfast and lUNCH.

There are many places where you can go to have a real brunch or you can just go to the closest supermarket and buy everything you need to prepare one.

We opted for the second one. So we bought eggs, bacon, sausages, bread, pancakes powder, maple syrup, milk, tea, orange juice, black coffee and yogurt. All of these won’t cost more than 40$.

We advise you to start with the pancakes since it will take most of your time to prepare them. Don’t get disappointed if the first ones are not perfect, they will get better and better!

First of all we put in the same frying pan bacon and sausages, while in another one you can prepare the scrambled eggs.

Get the table ready with all the other things.

Once the cooking part is done you can serve everything together.


A. G. V.

NBA Match!

When you spend some time in North America you cannot miss an NBA match, if you have the chance to attend one.

Last night we went to Centre Bell in Montreal: NY Knicks vs Toronto Raptors.

We heard about the game thanks to the advertisement all around the city and we got out our tickets on the website.

Unluckily  it was a pre-season game so people were not hyper excited as you could expect them to be. But on the other hand tickets were cheaper.

It goes without saying that the public was supporting the Toronto Raptors, being them the only canadian team in the NBA tournament and they were not disappointed since the Knicks lost 107-88.

We fell in love with Raptors’mascot, especially after they showed us this video

To make the experience complete we had nachos and hot dog with coke, as always on a diet!

We had a really good time and we hope you will have the opportunity to attend such an event as well.


A. G. V. 

Canadian Thanksgiving!

Hi everyone, here we are with our second post!

As we told you, we are now staying in Montreal, Canada, and this year, on the 8th October, the country  has celebrated Thanksgiving. It is an annual canadian holiday which honors the harvest and other blessings of the past year.

For this occasion, we decided to be real canadian girls by cooking the traditional meal: Turkey!

We are now going to share with you our recipe:

First of all buy a turkey (dinde in french!) with potatoes and pumpkins. Then go home and be ready to spend an interesting afternoon in your kitchen!

Take 50gr of butter and 5 spoons of olive oil and let them warm up together… then cover with them the turkey inside and outside ……………… don’t think about calories, it’s a celebration!

Put the turkey in the preheated oven ( 180°C or 350° F) . While the turkey is cooking, heat 500 ml of water with one chicken cube and salt. Wait one hour and then add the broth to the turkey.

Wait one more hour and add a glass of white wine.

So leave the turkey in the oven for the last hour of cooking (total 3 hours)!

Now you are ready to prepare the vegetables..

Fill a pot of water and add salt and 8 potatoes without skin. After about 40 minutes try to pierce a potato with fork to know if it’s ready! The fork has to go easily through the potato! If this is the case you can drain the vegetables. Then squeeze them and, while they are cooking, add 80gr of butter and 3 glasses of milk.
Let’s now start with pumpkins! First of all remove the skin and cut them in little pieces.  Put them in a baking dish with oil, salt and pepper and ….. put them in the oven for 40 minutes at the temperature of the turkey!

Now you are done! So, go to dress up and prepare the table for guests!

Enjoy your meal!

P.s: you can use this recipe for the incoming American Thanksgiving…
Let us know if it works!

P.p.s: we had a delicious and easy dessert… Haagen-Dazs ice cream with biscuits and caramelized fruits!


A. G. V. 

Hello everyone!

Here we are with our brand new blog.

We are three university students and we wanna share with you a portion of our own lives. We study in Milan and we decided to start a new blog while spending a semester in Montreal, Canada. Two of us are doing a fall internship here while the other one is studying at HEC Montreal.

We love travelling, eating, cooking, shopping, taking pictures and much more!

We’re gonna post about our past, present and future experiences around the world and we hope to give useful advices to our followers for their lives.

We’ll keep you posted, follow us!

In the meanwhile….. DON’T THINK, JUST SHOOT!

A. G. V.