Homemade Brunch

As you probably already noticed we like good food. That’s why on Sunday morning we decided to have a typical brunch.

Since we woke up at 11 am we thought it was the optimal choice, being this time between BReakfast and lUNCH.

There are many places where you can go to have a real brunch or you can just go to the closest supermarket and buy everything you need to prepare one.

We opted for the second one. So we bought eggs, bacon, sausages, bread, pancakes powder, maple syrup, milk, tea, orange juice, black coffee and yogurt. All of these won’t cost more than 40$.

We advise you to start with the pancakes since it will take most of your time to prepare them. Don’t get disappointed if the first ones are not perfect, they will get better and better!

First of all we put in the same frying pan bacon and sausages, while in another one you can prepare the scrambled eggs.

Get the table ready with all the other things.

Once the cooking part is done you can serve everything together.


A. G. V.