NBA Match!

When you spend some time in North America you cannot miss an NBA match, if you have the chance to attend one.

Last night we went to Centre Bell in Montreal: NY Knicks vs Toronto Raptors.

We heard about the game thanks to the advertisement all around the city and we got out our tickets on the website.

Unluckily  it was a pre-season game so people were not hyper excited as you could expect them to be. But on the other hand tickets were cheaper.

It goes without saying that the public was supporting the Toronto Raptors, being them the only canadian team in the NBA tournament and they were not disappointed since the Knicks lost 107-88.

We fell in love with Raptors’mascot, especially after they showed us this video

To make the experience complete we had nachos and hot dog with coke, as always on a diet!

We had a really good time and we hope you will have the opportunity to attend such an event as well.


A. G. V.