The Travellers’ ABC

Here we are with our first advice you should follow while travelling.
We thought about starting a useful rubric regarding hot topics you should care about during your trips!

It can happen that you’ll need to rent a car.

We rented one last week with some friends to go to Québec City, 3h away from Montréal.
First of all we called different car rentals to check the prices and we chose the less expensive, the choice was amongst Alamo, Avis and Hertz. We eventually chose Avis, even if the difference in prices was not that big.

Here you can see a happy us unaware of our destiny.

First of all : ALWAYS purchase the insurance option, you never know what could happen (or what they could pretend to have happened to your car 😉 )

Second of all : ALWAYS check the car before leaving the garage where you pick it up.

We are being very sensitive about this topic since after a nice day spent in Quebec City, being super careful about the car, parking it only in toll parking to be sure not to have any problem, we returned the car and we were accused to have damaged the vehicle.
It goes without saying that we were quite angry in front of the false accusations and we realized that they were taking advantage of the fact that we are young (and innocent).


A. G. V.


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